Mergers and Acquisitions in Clinical Research

·  Merges and acquisitions of two companies help to generate more revenue and the organizations become huge but there are some changes for the employees in merging company.

·  If the employee at any CRO is getting paid for his work by the sponsors then any merges and acquisitions with any other CRO company will not disturb his job and all the projects will continue and more projects will come to earn more, in case of mergers.

·  Employee’s jobs are not safe if they are not getting paid directly by the sponsors. They may be replaced by another person for the same roll in case of union with another CRO company.

·  If an employee is at high level as an executive in any merging company then his job is safe or he will be rewarded with a huge package to leave his job.

·  Smaller CROs are at advantage when they merge with bigger CRO companies with more products and services, to build themselves in the industry.

·  Mergers are not good for the employees of smaller ranks because it decreases competition in CRO space which results in decrease in their values, benefits, salaries and other services provided by the company.

Mergers create more opportunities, advancements, products, services and generate more money for the company ownership which does not benefit the employees especially of lower ranks.


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