Money CRA's Can Lose If They...

Being a CRA in clinical industry and working in any CRO, CRA can have many benefits by jumping from one CRO to another on yearly basis. These benefits are listed below:

•  When a CRA switches to another CRO, he has to work for different sponsor on different study. First two months are very relaxing, he needs only to study about the project and does not have to work hard but he gets full salary.

•  Companies give ten to fifteen thousand dollars as sign on bonus but staying in the same company will promote only three to five percent of your salary.

•  When CRA jumps from companies to companies after year or two, he can get a lot of money and also a break.

•  When CRAs get better and better at their jobs, CROs throw more and more work on them that is tiring and they jump for better and reliable opportunity.

•  Remote CRAs have a lot of benefits as company is paying for their expenses whether it’s for their meals, travel expense and groceries but you will lose all these benefits if you go down to in-house CRA and you will have to pay from your own pocket for things.

•  A lot of companies pay bonuses as per visits because CROs make money for visits that is the responsibility of CRA and CRAs jump to these companies for bonuses.

Staying at the same CRO is not beneficial for the CRA and he loses hundred thousands of dollars for bonuses and salary increments, in a time span of ten years that he can earn in ten years by jumping from one CRO to another after year or two.

On the contrary, jumping is always not good until the market is hot. CRAs are the most expensive employees and sponsors are trying to figure out things to reduce their costs but jumping is always beneficial when demand is high.



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