More Precise Commercial Strategy

Healthcare industry should take the advantage from the data they have and the data that resides in industry through suppliers to regain trust. Healthcare industry is an evidence-based industry. There are about sixty six thousand healthcare professionals relevant to rare disease. Professionals know the profile of the patients by taking and getting access to anonymized patient records. They are able through machine learning to predict where the potential patients are and if they are relevant to healthcare providers and to start evidence-based conversation with them. These predictions cannot be 100% accurate but far more accurate than recent procedures.

Healthcare professionals take more than five years to diagnose a rare disease because they are unaware of the things they lack and they need help. The rare disease as an example for a particular client and life sciences company provides smart commercial strategies and start an evidence-based conversation with healthcare professional.


This is the power of education as data, analytics and technology. It gives the potential to start having informed conversations with ACPs. These are also good for various purposes as follows:-

·        Good for patients as it bring downs the average of 4.8 years for diagnosis.

·        This benefits the industry to commercialize their products earlier.

·        It builds trust by educating the customers.

Clinical development, real world evidence and new ways of launching drugs are the three tangible examples that industry must adopt.

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