Most Frustrating Thing about Dealing with Sites

The most frustrating thing is the amount of questions that can be asked back to back by the study coordinators at the site. Study coordinators can ask questions that can take time to answer and it can delay the study and the targets to be achieved on daily basis. Those questions can be from the protocols and can easily be answered from the emails sent from the site and it can also be helpful to avoid any error in the study.

Most commonly the questions are asked by the study coordinators who are new to the study because experienced study coordinators know how to deal with the protocols and they are a lot more patient as compared to new study coordinators. They know that they are going to receive mail if any new update and protocol will release from the project management team. If new kits and equipment are necessary for the study, project management team will send those equipment and will let study coordinators know through the emails that when are they going to receive those things and they are patient about it. While the new study coordinator keep questioning that is frustrating.

This frustration can be solved by directing them to protocols and emails where they can find the answer to their questions instead of answering them directly. Through this method, they will know how clinical research works and how to deal with their questions and their problems at site.


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