Most hated Task in Clinical Research

Meeting minutes are the worst task in clinical research. When a meeting occurs which could be any internal, external or sponsor, CTA, CMA or CRA meetings, where a person is assigned to take note of everything that is discussed or happened during the whole meeting, these are known as meeting minutes.


  • Sometimes there are no recordings of the meeting that if a person miss something and he can catch it again.
  • Internal meetings are recorded and can be caught back later if something is missing.
  • Every project manage want his minutes to be noted differently with different format and according to his like and dislike which is too irritating. You have to memorize every manager’s desire and should do things accordingly along with typing the minutes and sending them for updates as soon as possible.
  • Meeting minutes are least important because no one knows that if they are of any further use or not but on the contrary documents are also necessary to be kept.
  • Minutes take too much time, first you have to listen to the meeting then listen to its recordings and it’s sometimes hard to understand if anyone is with strong accent and then to note these minutes and edit them according to the desire of manager.
  • Managers also want speed with quality minutes which is mostly or always not possible.
  • You also have to follow up the people present in the meeting, gather their updates and you have to convert them into final document and send these final documents to all the members.
  • Sometimes it’s also very difficult to gather all the updates from the meeting members because they may not care and this happen every single week.



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