Most Surprising Thing about Working in A CRO

The most surprising thing about clinical industry is the dress. It is a perception that while working in a company, an employee should dress like business casual that can be a blazer, a shirt and a tie. Only on Fridays, people are allowed to wear jeans and can unbutton their shirt and these concepts are completely different in clinical industry.

Laid-back atmosphere:

The most surprising thing while working in a CRO is the overall laid-back atmosphere and the laid-back culture. CROs do not define a specific dress code especially when it is your first starting but typically business casual when you're working in the office and have to attend meeting. Casual dressing can be like a button-down shirt tucked in with some slacks, some khakis and some loafers. You can also wear polo when it's hot outside and tuck it in. There are no real rules when it comes to dressing but the norms according to the company environment that people do not tuck their shirts in, can wear sweaters in the wintertime and wearing stuff that don't have to be tucked in. people can wear collared shirts not tucked in.


The CROs do not micromanage their employees. There are a lot of factors while working in clinical industry that your line managers can be based across the borders and there is no one to interact with within the office and most of the team member can be working from overseas, from different offices and different state. They do not question about your punctuality or your dress but their only requirement is their work to be done within time. They are very cooperative when you have to take PTO unless you're in a database lock. You can work from home for one day in order to resolve any domestic issue. 

The most surprising things about CROs are their dress. The people working in a CRO at any position, they know about the perks and benefits of working in a CRO industry.


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