My Experience at a Study Kick Off Meeting

Kick off meeting is the meeting that occurs at the beginning of the clinical trials between study stakeholders. This meeting includes the individuals as project directors of both the CRO and the sponsors, clinical trial managers and all the high executive level of personalities. These are the people responsible for bringing the partnership between the CRO, pharmaceutical companies and sponsors.

In the kick off meeting, discussions of the executives includes:-

1.   Details of the study.

2.   Overview of the project.

3.   Clinical monitoring plans as how the monitoring will go during the study processes.

4.   Maintenance of trial master files.

5.   Meetings between the sponsor and CRO during the course of study.  

Documenting information:-

In the kick off meeting, the names of all the prominent people participating in the research study are written on a document with all of their information. This provides facility at any times to follow up these people to confirm protocols and get information about the study and its progress.

Building relation:-

This meeting helps to build the fellowship between team members and stakeholders involving the trials that helps to speed up the trial processes. This helps them to better interact and engage with each other.

Purpose of kick-off meeting:-

These meetings are always face-to-face meetings in order to develop a level of frankness between those two collaborating organizations. Mostly in CRO space, people work remotely and communicate with each other through digital means which is not much useful in developing strong interaction. This is the reason, kick off meeting held face-to-face in the beginning of the trials between the executive personalities.

Attending kick-off meeting helps:-

People when get into clinical research industry should attend the kick-off meetings before starting on a study trial. This gives them the best opportunity for learning about overview of the study, understanding of the research terms, processes and how the study startups begin.

·        It gives the understanding of how the research works in CRO industry and which individuals play the vital role in running these.

·        Getting directly on the study trials without knowing anything cause frustration especially to those who are new to CRO space.

Networking opportunity:-

Attending kick-off meeting provides the golden opportunity to network with the high level personalities of the organizations running trials. These can be directors, executives, managers, sponsors and monitors and having relation with them can open up many future career opportunities.


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