My Thoughts on ACRP 2019 - Nashville, TN

Association of clinical research professionals (ACRP) arranged a conference in which they invited people who have ever been CROs, pharmaceutical company, venders of these companies and everyone related to marketing, clinical research and clinical trials. There were different sessions in this conference like applying Six Sigma tools and concept to clinical research activities, integrating quality into investigator initiated clinical trials, getting multicenter studies under control with technologies in which first one was about the evolution of clinical research workforce for the future of this industry that how the workforce should be managed if the industry expands in future.

This discussion was also about how to make sure that everything is going well and the best to keep control of the data is through electronic sourcing to avoid any mistake like not collecting data point and forgetting to weigh the patient for important signs. Technologies can be advantageous to improve monitoring and clinical trials and should be used.

There was an activity in which people came up to the microphone and shared their own experiences that were interesting and knowledgeable. A session of learning lab occurs in which the audience can only listen to the speaker through the headset.

There were many companies and their CEOs, setting up their booths and presenting their companies. Most of the people there were sponsored and attending the conference on their company’s expense. Most of the people were there to develop networks as ACRP is the best place for networking where you can find friends, colleagues or other people related to your field.

There are also many recruiters who ask about your position or if you are looking for any position in their company.


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