My Thoughts on Barnett International Training Courses

Barnett international are the companies that offer many courses as data management, study coordinator, project manager, CRA, auditor, regarding to medical devices, regulatory affairs and safety statistics. These courses are taught by the professional having many degrees and years of experience that’s why these courses are very expensive. ICH GCP experience is also offered at Barnett.

Experience matters:

Clinical research industry is all about experience and they do not care about your certifications and degrees. Instead of wasting money on these expensive courses, people should try to get experience that is possible through doing an internship in any CRO, volunteering, working in a small clinic and entry level positions are the best to get the experience for clinical research industry.

Companies sponsor:

Courses at Barnett internationals are expensive because these courses are especially for the business professionals and their companies are paying for these courses. Companies sponsor these courses to their employees because they want to make sure that they are the best clinical researchers.


People should not attend these courses because these are expensive and especially when you are not working at any CRO unless these are for free. When working in a CRO and attending these courses will make you able to apply these instructions and knowledge that you gained from courses into your work while working at site. Your company will also pay for your courses.


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