My Thoughts on the Clinical Trial Gurus New Book

There’s a new comprehensive guide to clinical research that gives all the basic information and ideas that are required for the clinical industry and is especially for those who are new to the clinical industry. All the features and useful aspects of this guide are discussed below:


  1. It gives the foundation information and basic understanding of clinical research industry.
  2. This will help you to negotiate your salary by having some extra knowledge than others who don’t have basic knowledge of this industry.
  3. It helps to understand the role of FDA, data management and project management.
  4. It defines the responsibilities and role of in-house CRA, project manager, TMF specialist and clinical trial assistants.
  5. It also tells the average pay of different positions in clinical industry.
  6. This guide defines different studies of clinical research and its different phases.
  7. It is easy to read and may take three to four hours to read full book.
  8. It is written in good and easy font.
  9. Charts, tables, diagrams and copies of monitoring visit reports are also given that helps to understand and to know how the clinical research data tables and monitoring reports looks like.



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