Nervous Before Monitoring Call - Clinical Research Industry

In-house CRAs have to pick up the monitoring calls from the sites that can be a study coordinator who can ask queries and can ask about the protocols relevant to the study. New in-house CRAs get nervous while attending these monitoring calls and they have all the documents, data and TMF file from where they can answer queries but they still get nervous. In-house CRAs get used to the monitoring calls after the third and fourth attempt.

CRAs don’t have to attend these monitoring calls in front of the bunch of people. These are calls that can be made through phone and different services like skype and WebEx can be used to make monitoring calls with the sites.

People get comfortable with monitoring calls over the period of time when they are asked about the same queries and they find it easier to deal with their site and queries related to the study by practicing the same thing over and over.


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