New funding helps company to bring clinical studies to more doctors


Inclusiveness with Elligo

A new round of funding will go a long way to enable Elligo Health Research to fulfill its stated mission of providing “physicians and their patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials using advanced health care informatics.” According to the company’s website, “Improved access to physicians and patients means sponsors reach trial enrollment goals faster, and new products are accelerated to market, benefiting patients everywhere…We accomplish this by being the preeminent provider of clinical research infrastructure (CRI) services and technologies. As a CRI provider, we bring together and empower sponsors, clinicians, patients and CROs to improve clinical trial access and efficiency.”

Angus Liu of Fierce Biotech reported that Elligo raised $16M series B funding to “bring clinical studies to the 97% of physicians currently not performing them.” As explained by the article, Elligo utilizes electronic health records to determine prospective clinical trial participants and offers study infrastructure that enables the doctors to conduct the trials at their own clinics. In Liu’s words, “This model could not only motivate physicians previously hesitant to perform clinical studies due to a lack of knowledge or resources, but also allows patients to stay with their physicians.”

John Potthoff, Ph.D., Elligo CEO, added, “Our programs speak specifically to the medical practices that are hesitant to perform research in their offices due to lack of resources and infrastructure. The new funding will help us expand our services and not only make research studies more accessible to physician sites but also streamline data collection and submission processes.”

Elligo’s own network now covers 50 practices. A collaboration with EHR platform provider Allscripts gives Elligo access to more than 45,000 physician practices capable of doing research. The company is attempting to expand its network and refine its technology.

Elligo is working on implementing new technology with the support of Saama Technologies. The new platform is designed to improve identification of eligible patients and investigators and allow clinical trial sponsors to collect patient data from various sources in real-time view. Both companies have their own clinical trial support software, and now they will combine their expertise on a new platform designed to “improve clinical research data management,” Liu said in another article in Fierce Biotech. As the article explained, “By combining forces, the partnership wants to help trial sponsors assemble vast amounts of data from disparate sources and to transform the way submission data is produced by using dashboards, analytics and reporting…The new platform, owned by Elligo, will incorporate Elligo’s Goes Direct model and will be powered by Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud.”

Suresh Katta, founder and CEO of Saama, said, “Saama’s groundbreaking analytics can deliver aggregated operational and clinical data to provide a multidimensional and real-time view of even multi-site trials.”

According to Potthoff, “Not only will [the platform] improve the collection of standards-based patient source data directly from research sites, but it will streamline Elligo’s study coordinators’ daily tasks.” Elligo anticipates unveiling the new platform in a study in 2018 and using it for all new studies in 2019.


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