Nexxus Customer Success Story

Pharmaceutical companies have always been facing challenges to effectively track and report adverse events on their products. This challenge has become exponentially more complex due to the explosion of data sources including internal systems, third-party sources and social media.  

Leading pharmaceutical companies turn to IMS Health and its AE tracker capability, when they face a regulatory audit that reveals insufficient reporting of adverse events. AE tracker and IMS Health provide life science specific solution that helps companies and their clients to:-

·        Dramatically improve their AE tracking and reporting process. With the help of using AE tracker from IMS health, customers are

·        Providing ability to analyze over 2 million unstructured data elements and to identify over 75,000 previously unreported adverse events.

·        A global team of pharmaceutical co-vigilance experts at IMS health validate the automated findings to flag the requiring action.

·        IMS Health helps to establish a proactive ongoing process to track and analyze adverse events.

·        AE tracker offers high capacity detection, further analysis by an expert team available 24/7 and seamless integration with client’s internal processes.

AE tracker and the Nexus application help their clients to reduce risk, increase efficiency and cut costs in their adverse event management.


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