Non-Compete in Clinical Research

When working in any CRO, people get experience and also develop a strong network and bond with many clients and they start their own business and company where they start competing previous companies. This creates traction in the CRO space.

Company’s requirement:

Companies require to sign a non-compete agreement before hiring employees especially CRAs so they cannot start their own company after getting experience and clients from their company. Companies make this agreement with their clients because they are investing their resources and training people to become capable CRAs that is the most in demand position who can get highly paid by having experience of a year. To avoid these turnovers, companies sign these non-compete agreements from their employees.

Time period:

Non-compete agreement can be for different period of time that can be for three to five years but a CRA should never sign an agreement more than three years which is not beneficial for his career progressions.


Any agreement like a non-compete agreement is not the standard of clinical research industry. Companies do require an agreement according to which they cannot leave the company for a certain period of time and they sign agreements for the both CRA and entry level positions. Companies are completely destroying their reputation by signing a non-compete from their employees because they are themselves not sure about their company’s standards, cultures and services they are providing to their employees. CRA work remotely and they only have to deal with sites and have nothing to do with the clients due to which they cannot compete their company but they can leave due to low benefits and perks.


Companies should audit their own services and benefits that they are providing to their employees and should analyze the reason why employee turnover is high in their company and why they need to sign a non-compete from their employees. They should work on their weaknesses and should improve their company’s standard, provide more opportunities and perks to their employees in order to avoid turnover and to help the employees to stay longer.


Turnover is not good for the company because it slowdowns the studies and when there are new people on the studies, they need training regarding to the product under consideration and proper knowledge and understanding of the protocols. This effects the study team and clients as it effects the whole project.


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