Office Politics in Clinical Research

Politics occurs everywhere, and in every field but clinical industry, there is not much politics because people are not working in a cooperative environment. They are involved in studies and clinical trials and work as a team only to solve the problems at specific times. People work for themselves according to their prescribed jobs and responsibilities. These things obliterate office politics from the clinical industry because people can’t interfere in one another’s duties.

The clinical industry also eliminates politics because most of the employees are working remotely from home, from abroad, and there is not much one-on-one interaction with other people. There is only one manager with whom you have to deal with, and everyone is working on different projects. Your study team is also from another country, and you work with them on the internet as sharing knowledge and ideas through emails and video calls.

In office politics, people always try to take advantage of others and to highlight someone’s cons. This politics can be because of personnel issues. People try to hurt someone in term of their jobs, benefits, and to weaken their reputation in front of others. Politics can help someone to get promotion and appreciation for something he is not good at.



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