Onboarding vs New Job Training in Clinical Research

Onboarding is the culture at various companies where their staff address a new employee in their company about the company’s environment and protocols. They provide their new employee with certain things and information as follows:

  1. Ways to log onto the computer and the systems which going to be used.
  2. Giving a company’s T-shirt with their logo on it.
  3. Overall introduction of the company.
  4. Information about different departments of the company.
  5. History of the company.
  6. Policies of the company.


Companies do have an infrastructure and after onboarding, they train their employees regarding to their job and responsibilities within the company. They don’t train their employee’s much at the entry level position but as they go up to higher positions, they start giving them proper training according to their position. They invest their resources into their employee because they want capable people to work within their company.


In CRO industry, they also provide training to their employees but turnover rate is very high in CRO industry as people left for better opportunities in other companies after completing their training.

Take advantage:

People should use the training programs and resources for their advantage to learn more and more. This training can be in-person and can be online. This training duration lasts for couple of months in which you are not assigned with any project but elect you as an assistant to have a close glimpse of the work.



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