Orchestrated Clinical Trials

The future of life science companies lies in the investment toward digital R&D innovation with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Data’s power to solve complex healthcare problems to accelerate clinical development should be underestimated.

To keep pace, solutions are required to connect the clinical research teams directly with patients with more impactful engagement and process automation. For this purpose, IQVIA work with almost 6000 life sciences companies on regular basis that enables it to gain 360 degree view of industry.

Orchestrated clinical trials:-

IQVIA’s orchestrated clinical trials (OCT) is the first cloud base patient centric platform to harmonize interactions, build trust and transparency across all stakeholders in clinical trials. These include sites, patients, sponsors and regulators.

IQVIA provide access to unparalleled data, advanced analytics, transformative technology and domain expertise by the utilization of IQVIA CORE. With the help of cloud based solutions, OCT harmonizes every step of clinical trial process. It delivers digital orchestration for:-

1.   Study designs.

2.   Sites selection and management.

3.   Patient engagement.

4.   Central monitoring and trial management.


Purpose of OCT:-

Purpose of OCT is to offer next generation cloud capabilities which include:-

1.   User friendly experiences that adapt to specific roles.

2.   Dashboards that displays KPIs, insights and intelligence recommendations to better design protocols.

3.   Tools to engage stakeholders and patients.

4.   AI driven suggestions to improve site performance.

5.   Monitoring compliance driven ETMF and mobile CRA integration.

Patient centric platform:-

This transformative patient centric clinical research platform enables subjects to engage with teams before, during and after trials. It helps in connecting with specialists who can easily trigger customize patient journey capabilities and give stakeholders intelligent tools to optimize trial performance.


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