Pharmacy Intelligence Store Manager teaser video

When people have more information about the performance of their pharmacy business, they have more questions as what are they things they need today for the better tomorrow of their business? About their performance compared to the local area and the categories they should into.

For this very purpose, IQVIA has developed an information service for the business individuals containing all of their information and their comparison with their market environment. This is a pharmacy intelligence store manager that is simple to use online tool that helps to analyze the competitive market, understand the performance of the users in local area and for the identification of the areas they should invest in and these things help for the improvement of local market position.

This platform helps to get more out of the business by knowing the areas where improvements can be made and its helps to differ from others and to make a difference.

This intelligence store manager is easy to use, helps answering the queries and shows the areas of improvement.


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