Play the Game Before It Plays You - Clinical Research Industry


People should play clever while working in clinical research industry to proceed to high positions and for career progressions. Always try to attend meeting with your boss that can be one-on-one meetings and always talking to them about your future goals and always taking their opinions for achieving your goals.

Golden opportunity:

Attending meetings with the manager and boss are golden opportunities where every meal and drinks are paid. People should avail such opportunities to network with more people and they came to know more opportunities coming up in future in their company. These opportunities and building relations can help you in career progressions and to become CRA, study start-up and to achieve your desired goals.

Build healthy relation:

Building a friendly relation with your manager can get your job more secure and ensure you more opportunities because in case of any crisis your manager will back you up. Manager will become your best asset in order to defend you for your work and to mentor you.


People made mistakes by not attending the meetings with their boss and managers and they do not care about their relation with their manager by having an excuse of his bad behavior.



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