Ponle pasión a trabajar como Monitor de Ensayos Clínicos en Latinoamérica

People join IQVIA especially when they want to take a turn in their professional career and want to dedicate their time and passion for the better purpose of life in the healthcare industry. They start from the entry level positions as clinical trial assistant and various others in order to get the initial required clinical research experience. After getting the experience for few years they get promotion according to their entry level role and they become remote monitors for most of the time. This role leads them toward CRA position that is the most in demand and prestigious position in clinical industry.


It is the duty of clinical trial associate to ensure that the study trials at the participating sites were conducted according to the protocols. He has to make sure of good clinical practices and safety of the patient’s health. This job is a bi challenging where they have to overcome many obstacles for most of the times. They need to be organized for all the measures but a god thing is that it’s not a routine job.

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People in the healthcare field can join IQVIA whether they are in clinical research as it is also the leading company in this field. It has a great working environment and biggest advantage of joining healthcare is that they contribute to the health of general public by providing more advanced therapeutic treatments.


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