Positive Feedback in a Clinical Research Environment

Giving positive feedback to the work of the people shows different good thing and is also beneficial in many ways.

1.Shows gratitude:

Positive feedback shows appreciation to the people working around you and in your team by appreciating the work they do.  People want to know about their work by the response of others and when the response is positive and appreciating, it motivates them to work harder. This puts more dedication in their work and letting people know that they are working very well, sounds good to them.

2.Encourage good behavior:

Positive feedback encourages the behaviors of the team members helps them to further improve their manner and the ways they interact with people which will be beneficial for the whole team. This also motivates them to work with better ethics and they will perform with more devotion for the whole team.

3.Creates good environment:

Positive feedback also helps in developing good environment and people love to work in a good environment where their work is appreciated. Team member will be more comfortable to work in such good environment and this will have positive impacts on whole team.


Giving negative feedback to the employee builds cache and it will not be helpful for the team. Giving them positive feedback will also increase your honor and will improve team work.

Giving instructions in a better way instead of shouting on them is good for everyone.



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