Possible To Be A CRA Without Any Experience?

A strong resume can be a step further toward your goal of becoming a CRA without having any experience and a strong resume contain all the clinical research industry related information and highlighted keywords especially related to the position you are applying for.

Major CROs providing opportunities:

There are some major CROs who always offer training programs and the focus of these training programs is to transform study coordinators into CRAs. They offer this opportunity to the study coordinators, in-house CRAs, clinical trial assistants, project coordinators and people with experience closest to CRA. Occasionally, they offer this opportunity to fresh college graduates where these graduates have to sign a non-compete and have to work for a couple of years in that organization to become a CRO. These CROs have conditions to pay them low in these years as they are providing them with training and an opportunity to become a CRA without any experience.

These opportunities are very rare but magnificent and people should keep trying to get their foot in the clinical research industry and to make their way toward becoming a CRA instead of waiting for these opportunities of training programs.

WHY it takes years to be a CRA:

CRA position is not an entry level position where you cannot be selected or hired directly after graduation without having any experience. There are steps to learn that will benefit you to be in that role where people should know the complete process of clinical trials and these steps can take longer to get the required experience.

Sponsors want experience:

Sponsors and pharmaceutical industries want people to have two years of experience before they can become a CRA on their study, to make sure that CRAs are competent and are capable. CRA are the most expensive employees because sponsors pay for their flights, hotels, the hours they work. Better the CRAs work and monitor data, better will be the data that is to be submitted to the FDA for approval in order to avoid any headache afterwards. That is the reason why they require CRAs with experience of years because they are investing a lot of money and are paying them well.


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