Potencia tu carrera como Monitor de Ensayos Clínicos en Latinoamérica

People still don’t have much knowledge and awareness about the healthcare industries and clinical research. They have no idea about its benefits, privileges and career opportunities that this industry provides to its employees. Without knowing much about the clinical research, people find opportunities to talk to their colleagues about the healthcare industry. This enables them to pursue their career at IQVIA. They first start from the junior level positions as junior clinical monitor. After getting experience and few internal promotions, they jump toward the higher positions as senior clinical monitors.

Responsibility and interest:-

As clinical monitors in clinical research, an employee’s responsibility is to ensure that the study trials are carried out according to the protocols and good clinical practice. They also have the opportunities to make trips across the country that can be any business trip or vacations. The interesting part of this job is that it is dynamic and team-centered. It gives autonomy to manage and organize their trips and agenda that makes it more interesting.

Recommend IQVIA:-

People recommend IQVIA to their friends and fellow because it provides them opportunities for both horizontal and vertical development. It ensures the possibility for international relocation. Company provides it employees with constant coaching, training and they always have the support of their mangers. They help in the development of new skills as well as in their career paths.


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