Project Management PTO Culture - Clinical Research

Project management PTO culture is a bit different from other cultures and areas of business. Especially when people are the part of clinical trials and working with the people from all around the globe that makes it difficult to takes PTOs.

There are companies and cultures where employees are not allowed to take PTOs especially when the higher authorities and bosses are not taking PTOs.

PTOs depend upon culture:-

Taking PTOs for the project management side of people depends upon culture of the people from another country they are working with. When working on a project with people from UK, there are a lot of holidays when everything stay shut and everyone on that study can take off days. This is completely opposite to the culture at USA where there are very less holidays and some companies stay open twenty four by seven.

·        In CRO space people can work from different countries at the same projects that allow them to take off when people from other country are taking off days.

People get burnt out in project management by not taking PTOs and realize that they should take PTOs.


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