Project Manager Wants to Be A CRA

There are a lot of turnovers in CRO industry where people jump for one industry to another for career progressions after getting experience for a year or more. Most of the turnover is for CRA position because CRAs are in most demand in CRO industry and people want to become CRA as they are highly paid, has a lot of benefits and flexibility.


CRO industry is an experience based industry where people achieve career progressions and promotions depending upon their skills, capabilities and experience.

Move up the ladder:

Starting from the entry level position, an employee can move up to project manager position that is the leading personnel to manage the studies. From there he can move up the ladder to project director, associate vice president but it depends upon the choice of the person. He can move to CRA position when he wants to be on the roads travelling to the sites and across the country.

Possible but difficult:

It is possible for the project manager to move to CRA position because he has site experiences. He is responsible for project team reports as data management report, CRA reports, CTL reports, study start-ups report to project managers and dealing with the sites and PI. These responsibilities make them familiar with a lot of aspects of the study team but without having any monitoring and background CRA experience, it’s difficult to move to senior position.  

Lateral move:

Moving to the CRA position is the lateral move because they are paid more, high incentives, promotions, bonuses and they are also paid for every single expense while travelling. Biggest benefit of being a CRA is that they have the most flexibility and freedom.


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