Q&A Log Is A CRA's Best Friend

FAQ log and its usage:

Q&A log or FAQ log is the combination of the questions that are asked by the sites during study and this log is the combination of question and answers on an Excel spreadsheet. This FAQ log sheet helps the team on a study to confirm answers to questions without making queries to others. All the queries are entered in FAQ log that help the monitors to read those questions and provide answer to the sites. This FAQ log is very helpful in providing answers in a more efficient way without bothering clinical trial leads, CRAs, team members and sponsors. It’s not monitor’s duty to maintain these FAQ logs because these are study coordinators clinical trial assistants and project managers maintaining these FAQ log.


All the study related queries and their answers are also present in protocols but these protocols are very lengthy to review and FAQ provide answers more quickly and efficiently. Most of the questions asked can be about medications used in the study because patients in a same study use same medications and drugs and all these medication queries with their answers are mentioned in the FAQ log because sponsors answer queries only for once. This FAQ log on Excel sheet also provides an option to search the answers and any medication by directly typing its name in the search bar.

Monitors always keep up these FAQ logs on their computer because they find it very helpful and efficient to work with their study team at any site.


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