Question: My favorite part of Clinical Research

Getting a job in CRO industry can be a difficult task especially when you are without any experience. People who are able to get a job in CRO industry without any research related experience should start from the bottom, from entry level positions that can be a study coordinator, CTA and project management assistant.

One of the most interesting and necessary things in CRO industry is building relationship.

Employees at the project management side are more sponsors facing and they can take advantage in order to develop a healthy relationship with sponsor. Sponsors are the one paying for the trials and project managers help them to manage their studies.

Employees at clinical operation side deals with the sites and build their relations with all the staff associated with site works.

  • Building relations with sites and sponsors are two different experiences. The sponsors stay calm and are always responsive and provide healthy communication. On the contrary, sites are always busy in different studies that can be difficult to expect quick response from them.

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