Questions Managers Ask During Your Performance Review

People who are new to the clinical research industry should know that there are yearly performance reviews that can be two times in a year and depending upon these reviews employees are given their promotions and bonuses. Every company has its own ways to conduct feedbacks through performance reviews.

Feedback time is good:

Getting both positive and negative feedbacks on performance is good because employees get to know their weaknesses to overcome. This feedback time also bring so any bonuses and promotions to the employees based on their performance feedbacks.

Managers ask questions:

Managers reach out to the people you have worked with over the period of a year and ask them for the feedback of their performances. Every manager asks questions for the feedback depending upon the company and position of the individual. Some companies provide a standardized scale to evaluate a person which is not an effective way.

The questions by the managers can be about things as given:

1.     Ability of the employees to work in a team because CRO industry works on a team based environment and it’s necessary to be flexible and hardworking to perform within a team.

2.     Pro-activeness is one of the most common questions that defines that you are able to pick up things at work that are needed to be added and improved.

3.     About quality of work.

There are two more approaches used to make feedback queries:

•    They use qualitative feedback approach to ask managers about managing employees and their resources, budgets of department and mentoring people.

•    Managers can use quantitative feedback approach by evaluating the employees by the scale of one to ten and rating his skills and competencies.

Depending upon that feedback manager make a summary and keep it in your file in the company’s folder. This summary will decide either you deserve promotion or not.


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