Real World Data

IQVIA’s real world data is fact based that the research industry requires.

IQVIA is beneficial as:

·        It has the data for five hundred and thirty million plus anonymous patients.

·        Covers almost all the diseases including very rare conditions.

·        Helps with observational data collection for five hundred and sixty five programs, six hundred and forty seven thousand patients, and eighty nine thousand sites across hundred countries.

·        It has a compass integrated delivery network with twenty one million historic patients and 8 million active patients.

·        RWD is fifty plus markets.

·        Ten types of data as EMR integrated and enriched data, oncology EMR and survey data, genomic alteration data, adjudicated and pre-adjudicated claims, customer data, mortality data, hospital data, longitudinal prescriptions, observational study data and pro and social media information.

·        Rich clinical assets supporting company’s needs across market.

·        Helps expands data options.

·        It contains custom dataset for in-depth research.

·        Having data linkage and integration expertise.

·        Contain enriched approaches.

Proprietary RWD catalogue identifying twenty seven hundred plus data sources in various therapeutic areas as oncology, cardiovascular, endocrine, nutritional, metabolic, musculoskeletal and connective tissues, neurology and respiratory.


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