Reasons to Take PTO


     When working for more than forty hours a week and continue to do so without any rest throughout every week, you really need to take a break from your job for a while in order to last for a long time in that industry. When you are well rested, you will be able to work with passion in other championship tasks. If you want to help the patients and want to continue doing so for long duration, you need to take rest at least once in a year.

2.     WORK VALUE:

      When working in a company with a team and you are working really hard and good and team wants to take you as someone whom they can rely on. They will get used to you and your work and will not appreciate you as before. Now it’s time to take a PTO, this will make your team realize that how valuable you are for them and they will want you back at job and they will appreciate your presence in between them and will know how hard it was without you.



       When working for a whole year with the best of your abilities, you have to take a PTO and you should because you earned it.



·  Take PTO to broaden your horizon and to think beyond the limits. When you are working on an important project, take leave and go for a PTO and you will come back with new ideas and perspectives.

Set an example for the rest of your team to let them know that this PTO is important for them and when they come back, there will be more power, efficiency and they will be able to meet your project goals in time and more efficiently.


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