Remote Monitoring to Eradicate Traditional Monitoring

People have misconception about remote monitoring and traditional monitoring and they think of it as a same role but they are completely different from each other and they do not affect each other. In fact, remote monitors and traditional monitors work in conjunction with each other.

Who response:

The research sites have remote monitor on studies who is always accessible and they can easily reach out to him in case of any queries and a remote monitor always respond to all the calls and queries faster them traditional monitors.

Traditional monitors are always busy in travelling that can be through plane across the country and they are always busy in visiting sites and dealing with other issues with the site. They always have a busy schedule due to which they do not respond on time and are not supposed to attend meetings and monitoring calls.

Work in conjunction:

Sites have in-house CRAs working as remote monitors who always help the site in answering their queries and in confirming protocols. These remote monitors can collect documents remotely from the site and can upload them to TMF that can give a bit of relaxation to traditional monitor. They attend monitoring calls from the site in order to help the site with their studies to avoid any error in the end that can be very costly for the sponsors. Remote and traditional monitors work in conjunction with each other that benefits them both. Traditional monitors focus on the operations and works that can only be done at site like IP accountability, source document verification.

Build relationship:

The traditional CRAs should build a relational with the site and the person who collects the data from the site. Especially company and sponsors should build a healthy relation with the site for future studies and it also helps them to recruit PIs for their studies. This relationship can easily be built through traditional CRAs who keep visiting site to monitor study.


Traditional CRAs can have problem with the remote monitors because they love to be in charge of everything and doing the entire tasks by themselves and they don’t anyone to interrupt within the workflow but it also ease their work and they work in conjunction with remote monitor for data collection.


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