Reshape the future of human health as a CRA

IQVIA with the help of its professionals is committed to take clinical research to the next level. It is also necessary for the workforce to use evidence-based solutions to facilitate their clients in reaching their goals for developing new therapeutic treatments and devices. To deliver these objectives, employees use cutting-edge and in-house technology as they drive global projects that deliver positive human outcomes.

Empowering CRAs:-

The most central role to the success of IQVIA’s business and any clinical trial is the role of CRA. IQVIA has invested in monitoring performance transformation based on scenario driven design to equip CRA with necessary technical and analytical skills and empowering them to bring IQVIA CORE difference to their sites and clients.

Flexible approach and challenges:-

Monitoring performance transformation moves away from a one-size-fit-all model to a flexible approach that accommodates different employee needs and backgrounds. This new and innovative training design helps to improve training effectiveness and facilitate overall CRA performance excellence by supporting CRA to understand the mission. The mission is to learn in real life context, encounter challenges, and make choices to overcome those challenges, face the consequences of those choices and receive coaching and feedback.



Training curriculum:-

The curriculum includes the variety of learning components including web-based training, class room training, activities, learning clinics on-the-job training and mentoring. These learning activities are strategically designed to equip CRAs with extensive exposure to the wide variety of situations they are going to encounter in their daily work.

Enabling CRAs through training:-

Web-based training presents the learners with scenarios and situations where they make decisions. The case study based hands-on exercises enable CRAs to consider actions and solutions in a safe environment where they can learn from feedback. The learning clinics provide opportunity for social and collaborative learning and enable them to learn by performing specific job functions within the workplace.

Connecting technical skills:-

The underlying approach to monitoring performance transformation is to train for the concept and task mastery, transfer the acquire knowledge to quick on-the-job competence and sustain by continuous evaluation and performance support. This supports holistic development of CRAs by connecting technical skills that are critical for their role with the skills that are required to manage the sites interactions effectively.

IQVIA provides the opportunity for building successful flexible career as a CRA without any limits.


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