Riding Cars with Researchers - Being a Patient in Research

Being a patient in clinical trials is a particular experience and research visits are completely different from normal healthcare visits. Research visits are beneficial as follows:

  1. More healthcare.
  2. Free healthcare.
  3. More education.
  4. More respect.

More healthcare:

In research visits, patients receive more amount of healthcare than normal office visits. In research visits, physicians perform more scientifically proven assessments. In research trials, physicians commonly use five assessments tools to ensure and understand precisely the status for health of a patient. Patients receive once in a year a pulmonary function test in COPD and emphysema in normal office visits while these pulmonary function tests are performed after three months in research visits. There are more labs and EKGs to count the status of liver, kidney functions and heart.

Free healthcare:

In research, all the test, assessments, checkups, labs, EKGs and even surgeries are performed for free and physicians do not ask from patients for any insurance they have. There are zero co-pays and research medications are also provided to patients for free.

The entire research specific healthcare is paid by the research itself.

More education:

In normal healthcare, patients spend the least amount of time with their physicians as compared to the waiting area and reception. In research visits, patient’s gets quickly into the examination room where the physicians start all the procedures to educate patient regarding to all the procedure involved in trials. This includes the initial informed consent document. Physicians educate the patients about the health status, labs, EKGs, guidelines and current status of disease whether it’s under control or not and the treatment to diseases.

This is a phenomenal way for nurturing that patient-doctor relationship.

More respect:

In research, patient knew all the schedules for the visits, timings and the operation to be performed in every visit. This makes the patients feel more comfortable and respectful.

Research provides complete patient autonomy.


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