Riding in Cars with Researchers - Patient's Experience in Research

People grow up within an environment where they have to meet doctors for every time when they get sick to get vaccinations and medical treatment that makes them familiar with the medications, doctor’s culture and primary healthcare but they have never been in research and have no experience of how it’s like to be in research.

Normal queries:

People make queries while entering in clinical research trials for the first time without any experience as if they are going to get hurt, get into a trouble and is their doctor will fire them?

Reality of research:

There are different research centers as center for the study of drug development where they interview researchers and patients about their experience and publish their results.

According to the studies, nearly 98% of the patients with research experience show interest to participate in the next research trial and 96% of the patients refer their friends and families into the research trials. These people who have been in research trials develop such a level of confidence and had enjoyed the processes that they love to participate in research trials and also recommend their friends for the trials.


Healthcare research industry should also work to spread awareness in the public for the importance of research, its worthy experiences and how it’s helpful in bringing innovations in society and in the lives of the people. This can help to get enroll more patients in research trials that will ultimately benefits the patients, physicians, to healthcare and the economy of the country.


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