Riding in Cars with Researchers - Access to Patient Data

Healthcare industry is gaining attraction toward the facility to provide with the data from the patient’s clinical trials to the patients. European countries are the biggest supporter of patient data access initiative and the big prominent pharmaceutical companies with their physicians and researchers are having the discussion the value proposition for patients toward their data, do patients want their data and how this initiative can come into existence.

There are three very prominent reasons to provide patients with access to their data from research trials:

  1. Better records:

Researchers collect much better data on patients than private physicians. These researchers have the responsibility to contact every office to get the record of their patient and recombining those records into a single research record in order to decide the accuracies of the diagnoses that help- them to end up with a comprehensive medication and allergy list on the health status of patient.

Access to these healthcare records for the patients and their physicians will be beneficial as they can end up with much better sense with patient’s health and issues.

  1. Lower the cost:

When the patients are provided with the medical records of their tests, examinations, labs and EKGs, they don’t need to repeat all those test in order to have annual examination that benefit them to save and lower the cost for their healthcare medication.

  1. Patient autonomy:

Research takes care of their patient’s autonomy and provides them with control and access to their medical records that enable them for their healthcare decision-making.


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