Riding in Cars with Researchers - An Interview with Dr. Weinberg

Research is good for the welfare of the society as helping the society by introducing cures to their disease in order to improve the quality of the life. Research helps the patients by enrolling them into the study research trials and providing them the necessary treatment, medication and care in order to find out cure to their health issues.

Characteristics of good researchers:

The qualities of good researchers are given as below:-

·        They take proper care of their patients.

·        Paying attention to all the details.

·        Making sure for the studies to be done correctly.

·        Worthwhile study to ensure the goals of the company and keeping in view the requirements of the patients for their health.

·        They add research in their regular practice.

·        Always passionate about their job.

There are researchers who don’t deserve to be a researcher because they want to be quick with their patients and they don’t get behind the diagnosis and medicines properly.

Patient engagement:

It should be a part of daily routine for the researchers to talk to their patients about the research, appreciating their efforts and making them feel special and respectful. This gives the patients a confidence and enthusiasm to participate in further studies.

Research helps to release the drugs and help them through all the processes and giving their side-effects and toxicities until drugs gets to the market. Research is an important part of healthcare.


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