Riding in Cars with Researchers - Being Proactive as a Patient & Physician

Healthcare industries run clinical research trials to discover new and better treatments for the cure of diseases and betterment in their lives. Patients who already have the research experience love to participate in clinical research trials and these trials can last for a year or more. They perform very well in trials as their performance is necessary for successful studies.  

Patients in clinical trials have to take multiple pills and patches per day according to the prescriptions of their physician that result in good and efficient data collection from the trials.

Getting back to previous medicines arise issue:

At the end of the studies patients get back to the medicines they were using previously before getting into the clinical research trials until the medications used in the trials get approval from FDA. They stay on those drugs according to the consultancy of their physician but this give rise to another issue as the insurance companies denies filling their prescription because they don’t know anything about research. According to insurance company’s perspective, the patient went off of their disease a year ago and now he’s going back to full doses of all those medicines and they want proof from a specialist that the patient actually belong to those medicines before filling the prescription.

Stay proactive:

The patients and their physicians should stay proactive about the consequences that can arise at the end of the trials and should stay in constant contact and make discussions to go through the situations as where the insurance companies are having problem with filling the drug prescription for the patient. Physician can help in such situations to write prescription for the patient.


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