Riding in Cars with Researchers - Bureaucracy

There are sites which do have a lot of infrastructure but they become slow and sluggish because of the bureaucracy in their organization and they underperform for the companies. Healthcare industries should be aware of the companies with which do have some feature as follows:

Local IRBs:

Local IRBs are the representation of the old fashioned and bureaucratic companies who provide slower turnaround time and show less sincere attitude towards the unique needs of the companies and their research protocols.

Contract and budget negotiation:

It’s the indication for pure bureaucratic organization when the negotiators require two or three layers of approval with each round of negotiation. This defines the site that it they will be slow, will not pivot to the unique needs of research protocols and will not perform consistently on the research protocols as they are required by the company.

These are the signs companies should use to recognize that they are dealing with a bureaucratic organization and companies should use these as a reason to dig deeper before site selection process.



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