Riding in Cars with Researchers - Certification Matters

There are a lot of undertrained people in research industry as very competent physicians who know very little about research but are given the ability to become investigators in research trials.

Certification is the thing of worth that defines the skills and abilities of a person to some extent and certification has been shown improve outcomes.

Certified professionals:

Patients should find certified research investigators and should ask if they are certified before getting into the research trials that will be beneficial in term of better, accurate and efficient data from their trials by having a certified study coordinator and certified principle investigator. These patients are more likely to make a difference in the world.


Patients should be given awareness about clinical research and research trials. They should be encouraged to ask if their physicians are certified. Asking for the certified physicians is helpful for patients in various manner s given below:

1.     Patients will be treated better when having certified staff.

2.     More meaningful and efficient data will be generated.

3.     Research sites will certify their study coordinators and principle investigator that will ultimately benefit the patients.

Patients can impact the professionalization of the research industry by asking queries.


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