Riding in Cars with Researchers: Changing the World, Part 1

The largest cost of the healthcare is derived from pharmaceutical costing that is made from drugs, medical devices and biologics that are used in healthcare. These healthcare drugs and medications are very costly because they take billions of dollars and years to reach out to the market.

Takes time and money:

Three billion dollars are required to complete clinical research that can take up to fifteen to twenty years to reach the market because when any cure to a disease is discovered such as cure to cancer, it goes from various vital processes that takes huge cost and years before reaching out to market and then people.


These inefficiencies came across the way by the deficiencies of patients participating in the trials that extend the trials beyond their timeline which one million per day.


The research trial process can be improved by the participation of more physicians, participation of patients and through improving the efficiencies of the complete trial process. These improvements will reduce the yearly time period for innovatio0n to come to market into half of the time period as seven to eight years.

Cost reduction:

These improvements in healthcare can also reduce healthcare cost by reducing the cost of the intervention when they reach to the market, reduce the cost of the industries for research and lowering the cost of health insurance and taxes.

 •  There can be a huge change in the world by these improvements in efficiencies of the healthcare research.



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