Riding in Cars with Researchers - Changing the World, Part 2

In every industry there are protocols according to which their operations are done especially in the research industry, protocols are important to run the trials and studies. These protocols should be accurate and should be followed efficiently in order to avoid any error due to protocol deviations.

Devastating causes:

Protocol deviations and inefficiencies in following the protocol and research are the reasons that cause errors in results of the research and waste a lot of money and time of the researchers.

Conflicting data:

There are protocols and efficient data for the patients who are participating in the trials and are having acute illness and symptoms and it improve their outcome when treatment according to the protocols. These protocols give conflicting data for most of the time when the patients in trials are not acutely ill and are asymptomatic. This conflicting data makes it difficult for the researchers to expect improvements by treating those patients with the same medications and protocols.

Research inefficiencies:

In order to overcome the conflicts in research, researchers design protocols to treat an asymptomatic patient. For that purpose, they collect funding from the research institutes and recruit patients for the trials but this is where the inefficiency begins. When they have invested a lot of money and time but being unable to recruit required number of patients for the trials, they had to change the protocols to salvage the scientific benefits of research due to research inefficiencies. These inefficiencies of research institutes occurs due to lack of participating physicians and patients.


•  Only way to solve the mysteries of healthcare and is by improving the research trial processes.



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