Riding in Cars with Researchers - Choosing the Right Site

Performances of the research sites depend upon the competence of the staff at sites. Competence defines the skills, abilities and capabilities of the worker that comes with expertise and passion and has nothing to do with how long the person is in a field and performing a specific role. People with less experience can be competent depending upon their skills and social engagement abilities.

Engagement matter:

At research sites, engagement with the patients makes a huge difference in running clinical trials frequently. People who are god in developing good relation and bonding with patients, with their managers and people in their surroundings are more likely to get promotions.

Certification gives the best prediction for the competency of the individuals in a certain field.

Certified physicians perform better:

In order to check the competency, a research study was conducted between ACRP (Association of clinical research professional), WCG that looks at the ethics and competence in research and tuft’s university that study for drug development. These three organizations came together and examine the relationship between ACRO certified individuals and outcomes in research trials. ACRP certifies principle investigators and physicians who run research trials and certify research coordinators, nurses and medical assistants who deal with patients and protocols at research sites on daily basis. They made pairs of the certified and non-certified physicians and found out that the pair of certified principle investigator and study coordinator gives the best results as they perform better enrollment, better patient engagement, meaningful data and better quality research and with minimum errors and minimum protocol deviations.



For quality outcome:

Certifications is the indication of quality outcomes in clinical research trials and patients before entering trials and CRO should find a research site with certified physicians for quality outcome.           



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