Riding in Cars with Researchers - Cognitive Overload

Cognitive overload is the phenomenon that means to put more inputs in the given period of time and lower the output. The more the sites have to pay attention to, at the same time they are less able to maintain their concentration that results in high quality output. This defines that the human beings are not able to perform multi-tasks at the same time with full concentration at the same moment of time because concentration continues shifting from one thing to another and unconsciousness occur. This cognitive overload reduces the quality of the data.

Physicians suffer:

Doctors and physicians always suffer from cognitive overload of multi-tasking as they are busy in their meeting, discussing research works, and protocols and in surgeries, responsibilities of being a principle investigator and they also have to stay responsive to the emails, all at the same time. This reduces their ability to work efficiently and with better quality data.

Reduce input:

Healthcare industry has to recognize that the cognitive overload is real and they should work hard to reduce the amount of inputs if they want to have better quality output.


These struggles can help to bring innovation to the healthcare industry towards the deserving patients with faster and cheaper ways.

Simplification of the clinical research endeavor can be helpful for the improvement in enrollment, quality, timeline and customer services as EQTCS.


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