Riding in Cars with Researchers - Customer Service, a Balanced Scorecard

Balance scorecards are the spots between the all the needs of the customer and the health of the company. Customer service is one of the integral parts of the scoreboard that is providing satisfaction to the customers by providing them with best services but most of the companies and sites do not count on their customer servicing policies and thinking of it as good enough.

Companies should take measures of their customer service that can enable them to implement process improvement to enhance their customer service.

Ways to measure customer service:

There are very complicated ways of measuring customer service as complicated surveys, this can also be done by hiring a company for assistance.

The simplest way for this purpose is NPS (net promoter score). This procedure is used by most of the companies as it companies of only one question that is “How likely are you to recommend our company and its services to the friends and colleagues?

Ø In the field of healthcare, this question can be asked from clinical research associates, CRAs visiting your sites, asking from team member and patient, physicians and project managers on the research trial.

Now the score are calculated in the form of numbers as rating between zero and ten.

1.     9s and 10s are the actual promoters who will genuinely recommend to others.

2.     7s and 8s are passives who do not dislike the company but are less likely to recommend to others.

3.     0 to 6 are the detractors of the company having negative opinion about the company.

The net promoter score is the percent of 9s and 10s of your promoters. That is the number of nines and tens over the total number of respondents.

The percent promoters over percent detractors that end up with the scale of negative hundred to positive hundred and when the score is above fifty is deemed excellent.

 This is the easiest way to measure customer satisfaction.


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