Riding in Cars with Researchers - Diversity in Research

There are more white men represented in research as a proportion to population than any other demographic and this is a problem because of two reasons as:

  1. Ethical issue:

The non-ethical manners are not to conduct research on underrepresented population as women, Asian descent, African descent and providing the medicines made by conducting the research on white men to all the under representatives. Another non-ethical issue is giving medicines made through research on adults to kids.

Medicines for kids should be made through research trials on kids and research should be conducted on all the representatives of the population.

  1. Medical issue:

As the healthcare industry is getting smarter, they discover that there are certain differences in genetics of people from different descent and medicines effect differently on people from different regions and proving every individual with the same medicine invented through research on white men is not efficient. Genetics behind medicine is the utmost importance.

Build bridges:

It’s a big medical issue and concern that the people from other demographics are not represented in clinical research. For this purpose, physicians and researchers from all the demographics who have been working in the research industry should build bridges and reach out to their demographic regions and individuals.

Under-representatives should participate:

These are the important necessities in order to create diversity in clinical research and people from other races and demographics that are underrepresented in clinical research should participate in research trials in order to help their own community.



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