Riding in Cars with Researchers - Dr. David Ramstad, the Role of Investigator

Role of investigator in identifying patients and telling them about research is to talk to the patients about the studies when they are potentially good candidates for the study and answering to any of the queries they have regarding to the research and study trials.


This procedure of patient enrollment start from patient and investigator interaction when the patients come for the regular office visits and the investigator find out that this patient is suffering from a disease for which the research study is going on at their site and this patient is the perfect candidate for the study.

Investigator aware the patient about the research study and acknowledge him that he is a good candidate for the study and participating in this study will help him to find cure to his disorder. There will be no charges and everything will be free of cost but he will get paid for participation.

Now if the patient is interested, the next step is to fill the informed consent that involves all the details of the study. The research study will start for the very next day.


It’s the doctor who gives confidence to their patients to participate in the study as it will be beneficial for them to find cure and to have a better quality of life. Patients are more likely to participate when their doctor ask them to do so because they have a level of trust on their doctor.

Convincing the non-experienced candidates:-

Most of the people do not know about the research study trials where their doctors convince them by saying that these studies are international studies operating around the world in the same manner. Researchers follow the protocols and instructions to run these studies and al the procedures are well supervised. Everything involve in the study is well monitored by the regulatory bodies as FDA and sponsors who will shut the study down if anything goes wrong. They can quit the studies whenever they feel uncomfortable or without any reason even if they have signed in the informed consent.


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