Riding in Cars with Researchers - Electronic Medical Records

The singular best way to find patients for the clinical trials is to look directly in the physician’s medical record. This is the most accurate way to find patients according to the disease and the study that researchers want to run at their research sites.

Negligence of sites:

This patient database is the huge assistance and an asset for the research sites to recruit patients but most of the sites do not have direct access to patient database. Most of the site do not contact the patients directly and querying accurately while working directly with the physician within a practice with patient data base. These sites utilize advertising strategy for patient recruitment, they wait for the physician to ask directly to their patients to participate in clinical research trials because their patients are more likely to listen to their doctor and sites wait for the support staff to refer patients for the trials.

Direct access to EMR:

CROs should target the research sites that have direct access to EMR (electronic medical record) and have ability to query the EMR. These sites list out the patients that are suitable for the research study trials and contacting them directly in order to ask them if they are willing to participate in clinical trials that will also help to learn further about their health conditions.

  • This is the most accurate way to predict patient enrollment for the clinical trials.

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