Riding in Cars with Researchers - Evaluating Data

In normal healthcare, the medical residents are trained to treat the patients rather than treating the data because there can be variations and differences in the data and the condition of the patient as the monitor of patient on his bed is showing that the patient is in systole but the patient is completely fine, smiling and talking to the doctor. There is no need to give him CPR as the monitor is wrong.

In these situations, the physicians should again repeat the testing or the lab in order to confirm and to find the error because it is the constellation of things that helps to point in the right direction and a single data point cannot define the constellation of data point. The constellation of symptoms means more than data.

Physicians and researchers should think the same way as they do in their medical practice because individual data points are far less significant than constellations of data points. These improvements are helpful to refine the quality of data and to ensure that the list of adverse event is of higher quality, the patients will be of high quality and have screen fails and early terminations for the right reasons.


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