Riding in Cars with Researchers - Interview Dr. Pippas, Oncologist

Physicians who have been performing research works for years in healthcare industry are passionate and sincere with their work and they think of it as their ethical responsibility to find better medications and cures to the disease.

Researchers in the field of oncology have made strides in adult oncology and particularly in pediatric oncology. These strides have been made by the physicians and patients by committing to be in research trials.

Guidelines for enrollment:

There are major guidelines in cancer care as NCCN guidelines, ASCO and ESMO guidelines recommend that the best cancer care for patient is enrollment in high-priority clinical trials. The best care for the patients comes from enrollment and it is an opportunity for the patients to participate in clinical trials to know more about their health.

Passionate for better discoveries:

There are different disease and illnesses that are difficult to treat as patients with primary glioma and advanced malignancy. Physicians have drugs that can perform efficiently for certain disease but they have to be passionate to discover better cures and drugs. They are able to establish very good therapies and every therapy has its nuances to treat people.

Toxicities treatment:

After the treatment, there are things as survivorship, late toxicities, psychosocial and emotional toils of treatment. This also provides the opportunity for investigation in quality of life, survivorship studies, toxicity study and how chemotherapy affects fertility. These can be utilized to find out ways to modulate toxicities of treatment.


Third-Arm therapy:

There has been a revolution in healthcare utilizing the third arm of treatment as surgery, chemo and immune system as third arm. There is no use of surgical tools in third arm treatment. Parma’s and investigators have made drugs that inhibit the break of immune system and allow immune system to activate and recognize cancer as a foreign entity. This can be used in the treatment for cancer and in all type of tumors treatment.  

Chemotherapy is going to be the part of the future world as it is effectively useful in treatment for early cancer diseases that can be breast cancer or lung cancer. The modulation of chemotherapy with immune therapy is going to be the next series of big clinical trials.

Car-T cell therapy:

Car-t is the important way to modulate singly through the cd 19 receptors that activates T cells to recognize idiosyncratic cancer cell in cancer patients and it has come in market in the form of lymphoma and leukemia as curative therapies for the people who have been exhausted by the therapies. This is going to be an effective treatment for various other diseases.

Stay active:

Oncologists should be encouraged to stay active in their research field and incorporating these in their practices. This is the only way that can enable them to find answer fundamental questions and this can only be done by getting involved in research completely.

For success in clinical trials:

Oncologists should get involve with the organizations that have already been successful in their clinical trials where they can get education and help to find ways to get involve in clinical trials in order to set themselves up for success in clinical trials.

Oncology research is more than only to research more ways to cure cancer. It is diagnosing cancer earlier and effectively. It’s treating the symptomatology that goes along with chemotherapy and radiation.


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