Riding in Cars with Researchers - Patient Recruitment

In order to find patients for the research sites without wasting patient’s and company’s time, there are various methods for accelerating research.

  1. Traditional methods:

Traditional marketing methods include traditional media as newspaper, TV and radio which is helpful to reach out to an immense audience but it’s not an efficient manner because it do not enable the experts to reach out to target audience.

  • As the technology has become more advanced, there are more efficient manners that allow the patient recruitment experts to reach target audience by using their cell phones, browsing history and internet. These gadgets allow running more targeted marketing campaign as through social media marketing.

Social media:

By using the social media experts are able to run marketing campaigns and can target the patients who are suitable for the type of clinical trials. There are various social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These social media platforms contain the data of the users through their browsing history that enable the experts to reach their targeted audience.


There are other ways to reach patients and target audience as the company’s websites and their social media pages where their staff share information on daily basis about research and recruitment that is helpful for educating people about trials and clinical research.

  • Social media and websites are the two main areas of patient recruitment.


People expose themselves:

These social media and internet platforms help people to expose themselves to ads and content that they are more likely to watch and respond. They can deny the ads and content that annoys them. This helps the experts to meet their target audience.


This is the technique in order to find the places where the patient’s went after attending their doctor that can be more likely a program or a medical session where many patients can be found. The experts use the data through their patient’s mobile phone to detect their location and sending an ad to that location where people get educated from that add.

Patient’s database:

All the doctors and hospitals have medical records and database of their patients that are helpful for the companies who are looking for the patients for their trials. They can simply go to the hospital and can enlist the patients from their databases that are suitable for their research trials. These patients are contacted afterwards.

Physician’s referrals:

Doctors can refer their own patients for the trials depending upon their conditions and when they are fit for the clinical trials and they go through certain initial processes to get enrolled in trials.



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